Saturday, January 21, 2012

List My Five Update

Recently my List My Five postings have seen a marked increase in traffic. This may now be due to a growing maturity in the site and my postings.

November proved to be my best month for revenue from the site. Pay Per Click payments reached $1.57.

Not a vast amount of revenue if you want to be a millionaire, but you should bear in mind this was income from just twenty postings.

To gain more revenue, I still think the more postings on a variety of subjects is vital.

My biggest income source for that month was from travel tips for visiting the United States, where to go etc. Many people look for summer holiday vacations in the winter months ( for the Northern hemisphere) so it is reasonable to guess that this was one of the reasons that list proved so popular. Also a good reason to consider making a list in the off season for that subject.

e.g. Write a list of Football supply stores in the off-season, when people come to look for items at the start of the season you will have a site which has matured on a search engine list and you'll leave the post last minute guys way behind in terms of views and possible income.

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