Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"I am the Alpha Bitch" T-Shirt

My wife and I work on coming up with new designs for our products all the time.

Recently  she created a mug with the slogan "I am the Alpha Bitch" for our Zazzle store.

It was such a good idea, that I played around with it and came up with this range of Long and Short sleeved T-shirts and hoodies and sweatshirts.

Black t-shirt bearing the words "I am the alpha bitch" in pink on the front
"Alpha Bitch T Shirt

Shirts are available from prices below $20 and are shipped directly to your home for a reasonable charge.

The shirts are available to order at Alpha-Bitch Shirt They will arrive early in the New Year.

Or you can visit our Online Store to see our latest shirt designs.

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