Sunday, July 17, 2011


What is Technorati?

Technorati is a blog catalogue and index.

How Can it HELP Me?

If you register an account with Technorati you can then register your blogs and webpages with the index site. Whenever you update your blog Technorati receives a ping of new content via your Atom or RSS feed and then updates its files and index to allow people searching for items of interest and direct them to your blog.

If you also link your blogs to your hubPages you can direct people from all direction to your desired pages.

Because Technorati uses RSS or Atom feeds you do not have to do any work other than register the blog with the index site. All further updates are automatic after that.

Technorati also receives search engine requests and so if a search engine misses you on its own search your updates are passed on by ?Technorati.

The indexing site is free to join, registering blogs takes a few minutes, you need to provide URL's for the main page and also the feed, add tags and select areas where you see your viewers coming from.

You then submit a claim and receive a claim token, a series of numbers and letters which you place on the blog for technorati to crawl. When they find the token they then check the claim manually and in a few days or weeks the claim is processed and your position in the index is updated.

For you as a publisher it is a win, win situation. You gain SEO visibility, increased traffic and hopefully increased revenue for little work other than the original set up, plus updating your blogs.

Try it and see.

To Create a Technorati account CLICK HERE!

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