Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Topic

One of today's hottest topics on Hubpages was regarding the amount of income one can expect. One of my favorite hubbers, Sharyn's Slant, posted a good hub on her recent experience.Many new hubbers come to the site with high hopes of creating a good income.

They are often surprised and disheartened that sometimes two or three months work does not bring the reward they had hoped. Working through the slump between initial enthusiasm and the final reward can be tough. It would be nice if one could see instant high income of a thousad dollars per month at the beginning of ones writing career, but the common experience is to see sometimes two or three years as the real timeline for such income. By then sadly many good writers drop by the wayside and miss on a portfolio building opportunity.

In online publishing quality counts very much towards income,If you write well the readers come back over and over again.

Quantity is also a big play. Imagine the scenario you need one hundred dollars to get home, do you go to people and ask everyone for one hundred dollars? How successful do you think you would be? Maybe you might hit it rich but probably not. Now imagine asking for a dime towards your fare? Maybe some would refuse but someone might give you a dollar, someone a quarter. OK it takes longer and is more effort but you stand a better chance of making your goal. This is how AdSense revenue works, you produce work which asks for dimes and the occasional dollar.

The additional benefit to writing online is that each post or hub becomes an independent clone for you. It asks for a dime along with the ten or twenty, hundred or thousand other hubs, twenty-four hours per day every day of the rest of your life. Now that is why patience is a virtue when writing online. :)

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