Friday, September 16, 2016

Excellent Way To Read Kindle E-Books: Review of Kindle Unlimited

If you are like me, when I come across a new idea, I like to buy every book I can on the subject and I own an amazon Kindle or use the Kindle apps on my iPad or iPhone  so even if I am not  certain of the worth of a book I will often just say "Oh Well, It's just a couple of dollars." and buy the book.
Kindle Unlimited allows you to borrow books for one fixed price per month. Then just return them when you have finished, check out a book without having to buy it.
Kindle Unlimited is a whole Library of knowledge

Then of course I can suffer a lot of buyers remorse. A couple of dollars several times per month becomes tens of dollars per month and especially with Kindle Books, lots of try this marketing books end up as a series of affiliate links, that I don't want or need and I have now just paid for them!

I have recently come across Kindle Unlimited  from amazon. You can "borrow as amny books as you like from the thousands published on Kindle. You may read the book as many times as you wish and can have up to ten books on loan at any one time.

So for instance the latest book on Pinterest Marketing looks good, it is oof those listed at $2.99 to buy or is available for free with 'Kindle Unlimited.

You know that you are interested but don't know what exactly you will learn. With Kindle Unlimited you can borrow the book, read it, use the information that you have acquired and then borrow another 9 books from the kindle library. Then as you go along return any book for a new book.

So in my first months FREE  Trial I have read over twenty books, gained lots of information and saved myself between $40and $60 Having read so many books I can say about two thirds of those had very little to offer me, but without Kindle Unlimited I would have wasted much of my money.

Take this opportunity to   Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

And see if you save some money. What have you got to loose? Give it a try for just one month, it works on any kindle device, with any kindle app and gives you access to thousands of books.

Try it Today

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Wanelo Experiment?

Have you heard of a website called
Customers may come from to your store and leave you some cash.

Well I have been seeing a little link to this site appearing on my zazzle product pages for a while now. It is in the more links portion of the link this page to ... Where you find a link to Tumblr and Google1.

So today I decided to  take a look at what has to offer as far as marketing goes. Here are my initial findings and thoughts.

What does Wanelo stand for?

Wanelo is an acronym of three little words. Want. Need. Love.  That is simply the case. You  want it, you need it, you love it.

What is Like? is very similar to pinterest in that it is a visual pin board of products. All products must be physical products, no downloads  or software. All items must be shippable through the mail and  Wanelo was designed for retailers to sell their products, visitors go to wanelo to look for items to buy.

Is it Easy to Create an Account?

It is very easy to set up an account. Follow the link to (This is not an affiliate link)  Click create an account and enter your details or set up with Facebook account.

Then you are able to save links from a affiliate account simply, by posting the link as you would on Pinterest.

At the moment it doesn't seem very simple to create amaazon affiliate links.

Wanelo also links to Shopify Stores if you have one.

How does it work?

Customers may find an item they want linked on your page. They elect to Save or Buy the item.. If they buy then they take a 15%  introducers fee and pay the rest of the money to you when you ship an item.

I have posted several items of my own design from my zazzle store to see what happens, I guess they will take the standard 15% from zazzle and I get my own set percentage for the item?

We will see.

I will update you all in a few weeks when the new links have had toime to work. It will be interesting just to see how works out.

Let me know what you think, if you have tried it or if you are thinking about opening an account.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

With the coming of September we should turn our thoughts to darker evenings and the frosty bite to the air.

Thanksgiving is a time for parties and pumkin pie. Thanksgiving party invitations need to be ordered now to allow for printing and mailing to your guests before they receive an invite from someone else.

In just a few weeks Thanksgiving will be here and so we should consider looking at getting our dinner party  invitations out in the mail before all our friends take other places.

Here is a pin board from my friend Ann with some of the latest and best Thanksgiving Party Invitations around the web.

Take a look at Ann's Choice Thanksgiving Party Invitations on Pinterest and share the Thanks.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pinterest Marketing: Drive Customers to Your Site With Promoted Pins, Buyable Pins, and More Kindle

Pinterest Marketing Guide was published on Kindle just a few days ago. I was intrigued by the title and decided to give the book a try. After all it was not very long, just over 80 pages and was not too expensive, Free if you have a free reading account with your Kindle device.

So I actually chose to buy this book. When I buy things and have spent my hard earned dollars I feel that I have "skin in the game" and am more critical of the book.

So my verdict on this book?

It was worth my dollars!

The book assumes no knowledge of Pinterest, so the first couple of chapters  are not required reading if you already have a Pinterest account and are a regular pinner.

As the book moves on from how and why to set up an account for your business it brings together lots of ideas including building on the social media side of Pinterest as well as explaining the new and varied use of Promoted Pins and how they work to analysing your traffic analytics to find what your audience is really re-pinning and liking. A great help when you are trying to create an audience and drive traffic to your monetized sites

I immediately took some of the ideas from the book to try on my Pinterest boards and now just 48 hours later I am seeing increased traffic moving on from my Pinterest pins and going to my various affiliate accounts and a increase in sales through those affiliate links.

So to read what others say about the Pinterest Marketing Guide click here

 Pinterest Marketing: Drive Customers to Your Site With Promoted Pins, Buyable Pins, and More Kindle Edition
Pinterest Marketing Guide on mazon kindle

Friday, August 19, 2016

Social Media on Pinterest

The world of Social Media is ever changing. What was true last week is not guaranteed to work next week.

This Pinterest board contains some of the latest books on SEO and Social Media Marketing now available.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

How Pinterest Has Increased My Earnings

In February 2016, I took another look at my Pinterest account. I have had a Pinterest account for  two or three years but I didn't really use it that much.

Cover of  Pinterest Power book, one of the books that I have read recently to increase my income from pinterest pins
Pinterest Power
I had considered Pinterest to merely be a website for collecting images and saving the occasional post or recipe. I had not thought that it had moved on a great deal from when I had first joined a couple of years ago.

But moved on it has. Now Pinterest is a massive search engine. It can drive lots of traffic to your blog or store.

For instance I created a board to drive traffic to my store, Bretsuki's, I used to receive between 15- 18 views from links per day from various blog posts, sidebar links etc.

After creating a board for specific categories in my store, such as birthday cards, t-shirts etc. My daily link clicks rose to 45 or more. Those are regular figures, somedays they are less or more but they consistantly exceed the earlier averages.

So Pinning to Pinterest boards helps increase traffic for my own store no problem.

The second way to earn I discovered is to look for specific categories on sites such as and By posting these links with the addition of tracking you can have other pinners re-pin or share your pin in interesting categories, then these get re-pinned and often include your tracking code. So you are effectively having dozens or hundreds of your pins on the Pinterest site.

If a pinner then buys those items in the case of or uses the link to go to and buys anything from the site, you are credited with an introduction, advertising payment.

From zazzle alone I have seen my earnings increase over 200% in just six months and a 60% increase on my advertising fee income.

Bear in mind these amounts are increasing all the time. With every new pin my tracking number can spread many times and the scope is only limited by the interest in a particular item.

I have created a collection of Pinterest books available from within my Search Engine Optimization Store. To see this collection of both kindle and printed books go to Pinterest at the SEO Store.

For a little investment in time I am now enjoying  a good increase in income and am learning more about Pinterest marketing everyday. Give some of these books a read, try some of their advice and you too could see your income stream begin to grow nicely.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Collectable Coins

2016 American Silver Eagle Dollar just one of the coins now available from our coin collectors store
2016  American  Silver Eagle Dollar

Collectible Coins at

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