Friday, April 12, 2019

Happy Birthday From Ancient Rome!

I have always been fascinated by history and in particular the Ancient Romans.

As a child I drew little Roman figures. Rather like those I found in my favorite Asterix books. The Happy Roman Legionary was my most popular go to character.

With these cards, and their variations, I think I relive my childhood passion for Ancient Rome.

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How about an Ancient Roman Photo-Bomb?

If You Want Some Roman Numerals Too Take a Look Here:

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Why You Should Take Pictures of Your Rental Car Before You Drive Off the Lot

You are on vacation. You just got off the plane and have picked up your bags and the rental car is nice and shiny.
Black Mercedes SUV
Nice SUV

You have looked forward to this moment for months.

Wait! Stop!  

You need to pause. Get out your phone and switch on your video camera and take a close look at your vehicle. Note all imperfections on the vehicle.

Read Ing Nitesh Chowdhury's answer to Why is it a good idea to take pictures of my rental car during the pick-up inspection? on Quora

Following these tips CAN SAVE YOU MONEY.

Friday, April 5, 2019

What did a Customer Say That Surprised you?

Nearly twenty years ago, I worked in my families Convenience Store in England.

A Convenience Store is a small store, ours was only about 200 square feet in size. Little more than an extended living room. We sold newspapers and cigarettes.

But one of our main stand out services was that we opened on Christmas Day.

At the time large stores in England couldn't open on Christmas Day and many of our rival convenience stores didn't open either. So it was  often the case that we got customers from twenty or thirty miles away, searching for that one store to be open, to buy those batteries for toys, or two or three hundred cigarettes to ease the nerves until the big stores re-opened on Boxing Day.

Follow my link to the full story:

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Friday, June 30, 2017

What Happens at a New Citizen Swearing Ceremony?

There is one question that I am often asked about becoming a citizen of the United States of America.

American flag, the stars and stripes surrounded by the words, new american citizen.
New American Citizen Badge
What happens during the oath swearing ceremony. For many Americans this ceremony could be as familiar as swearing a Masonic Oath. Few natural born Americans ever go to a Naturalization ceremony, the few may be friends, spuses of a naturalizing citizen.

The one thing that it is simple to say is there is no secrecy to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. Most naturalization ceremonies are massed group events with dozens or tens of dozens taking the oath at the same time.

This video shows a Naturalization oath taking in Clovis, California.

As you will see there are lots of people taking the oath on this occassion. One of the new citizens is also a serving member of the military, so few  people realise that many who serve our country in our military are not actually citizens. But the military has proved a valuable entrance point for new citizens



Saturday, October 29, 2016

Make Money Online

There are dozens of books available to  you telling you how to make money online.

So where  do you even start to look for the right book.
Image of one of the books available at the make money online bookstore, the link to the store is in the caption below.
Make Money Online Bookstore

Well you can start right here, at The Make Money Online Bookstore.

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Making money online is never easy. It can be very simple  but no effort is guaranteed to work everytime.

Many of the authors in these book listings have been in the same position that you are in today. They have wanted to create an online income and they have now provided you with a wealth of knowledge by writing these books.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

'Before You Write Another Blog Post: Kindle Book Review

Before You write  Another Blog Post is written by  Jeffrey Kranz and was published at the end of May 2016. Kranz knows what he is talking about, he is a content marketer and has many years experience in blogging and writing.
Jeffrey Kranz book on blog writing and  on how to write a blog
Book Cover: Before You Write Another Blog Post

Who Is This Book For?

The book is subtitled;  A Content Strategy Guide For Corporate Bloggers. But don't be fooled by that,  in my opinion this book is for anyone who wants to write a blog.

Whether you woke up this morning and said  "I want to write a blog." Or if you are like me and began blogging five or ten years ago, I believe you can learn something new from this book. I definitely learned some new ideas.

Kranz writes simply and directly, he does not blind you with science and jargon. The aim of this book is to help you  generate blog posts. Not to  frustrate you by sending you to a dictionary to research every buzz word.

What Does the Book  Tell You?

The book begins by telling you exactly what you will get. A plan on how to creeate  detailed blog posts.  Kranz takes you away from the old idea of the three hundred word or less blog.  The false  promise of 'click bait' titles. With Kranz you should plan and organize a post. Yes do your research and Kranz tells you how. Then plan, have a start to your blog, set a road map for where you will take the reader then deliver your reader to the destination safely and have them satisfied by the result.

This takes a lot of planning and imagination on your part but the result is a blog post that exceeds the readers now depleted expectations. By delivering on a promise you will have created a reader who will come back for more.

Why Should I Have To Plan?

Yes, I know, planning is hard, planning is tiresome. While you are planning a post you are taking time from posting dozens of quick posts.. But what are those quick posts getting for you?

Quick posts may get lots of eyeballs viewing you but those views are often transient, look, bounce, click on to another page. Your readers, your customers are let down each time you post a quickie.  Don't give them a cheap fast food burger, give them a delicious, mouth watering, juicy, flavorful prime steak with all the trimmings. They'll be back for more.

What Can This Book Teach Me?

This book is full of advice. The first thing you may notice though is that Kranz barely talks about search engine optimization (SEO) Why? Because search engine optimization is a house of smoke and mirrors. Good SEO is planning, not quirky tricks like the old days of keyword stuffing.

Search engines are the good bloggers friend, the good blogger plans, creates, informs and writes good copy. If you construct a good post the SEO is already there. No need for gimmicks, SEO happens and that is one of the most importantthings that I have taken from this book.

So ...

How Can I get This  Book?

You can read Before You Write Another Blog Post on any amazon Kindle device or Kindle app on your tablet or smart phone.

How  Can I Read  This  Book For  FREE?

You can even read this book for free. Have you heard of  Kindle Unlimited ?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In the Green Screen Studio

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say.
William Elliott seen on control room monitors during the recording of his latest program, remember, remember. He is wearing a burgundy colored shirt and stands in front of a green curtain which will be taken out of the shot later as graphics are incorporated into the program.
William Elliott  In Front of the Green Screen

So for a little variety and to learn some new techniques I recently moved from behind the scenes to infront of the camera. Working with a green screen or chroma key and introducing my own one off program to be aired in a few  weeks time.

Here is the story of my experience in front of a full on television camera for the first time and it proved to be a fun time, working with a great crew.

William Elliott A Life with Blindness: I Am On Screen In The Studio: Last night at the CMAC studio I was talking explosives. Big bangs, fireworks, pyrotechnics, black powder whatever you want to call it, to m...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Excellent Way To Read Kindle E-Books: Review of Kindle Unlimited

If you are like me, when I come across a new idea, I like to buy every book I can on the subject and I own an amazon Kindle or use the Kindle apps on my iPad or iPhone  so even if I am not  certain of the worth of a book I will often just say "Oh Well, It's just a couple of dollars." and buy the book.
Kindle Unlimited allows you to borrow books for one fixed price per month. Then just return them when you have finished, check out a book without having to buy it.
Kindle Unlimited is a whole Library of knowledge

Then of course I can suffer a lot of buyers remorse. A couple of dollars several times per month becomes tens of dollars per month and especially with Kindle Books, lots of try this marketing books end up as a series of affiliate links, that I don't want or need and I have now just paid for them!

I have recently come across Kindle Unlimited  from amazon. You can "borrow as amny books as you like from the thousands published on Kindle. You may read the book as many times as you wish and can have up to ten books on loan at any one time.

So for instance the latest book on Pinterest Marketing looks good, it is oof those listed at $2.99 to buy or is available for free with 'Kindle Unlimited.

You know that you are interested but don't know what exactly you will learn. With Kindle Unlimited you can borrow the book, read it, use the information that you have acquired and then borrow another 9 books from the kindle library. Then as you go along return any book for a new book.

So in my first months FREE  Trial I have read over twenty books, gained lots of information and saved myself between $40and $60 Having read so many books I can say about two thirds of those had very little to offer me, but without Kindle Unlimited I would have wasted much of my money.

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And see if you save some money. What have you got to loose? Give it a try for just one month, it works on any kindle device, with any kindle app and gives you access to thousands of books.

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