Friday, June 30, 2017

What Happens at a New Citizen Swearing Ceremony?

There is one question that I am often asked about becoming a citizen of the United States of America.

American flag, the stars and stripes surrounded by the words, new american citizen.
New American Citizen Badge
What happens during the oath swearing ceremony. For many Americans this ceremony could be as familiar as swearing a Masonic Oath. Few natural born Americans ever go to a Naturalization ceremony, the few may be friends, spuses of a naturalizing citizen.

The one thing that it is simple to say is there is no secrecy to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. Most naturalization ceremonies are massed group events with dozens or tens of dozens taking the oath at the same time.

This video shows a Naturalization oath taking in Clovis, California.

As you will see there are lots of people taking the oath on this occassion. One of the new citizens is also a serving member of the military, so few  people realise that many who serve our country in our military are not actually citizens. But the military has proved a valuable entrance point for new citizens



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