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'Before You Write Another Blog Post: Kindle Book Review

Before You write  Another Blog Post is written by  Jeffrey Kranz and was published at the end of May 2016. Kranz knows what he is talking about, he is a content marketer and has many years experience in blogging and writing.
Jeffrey Kranz book on blog writing and  on how to write a blog
Book Cover: Before You Write Another Blog Post

Who Is This Book For?

The book is subtitled;  A Content Strategy Guide For Corporate Bloggers. But don't be fooled by that,  in my opinion this book is for anyone who wants to write a blog.

Whether you woke up this morning and said  "I want to write a blog." Or if you are like me and began blogging five or ten years ago, I believe you can learn something new from this book. I definitely learned some new ideas.

Kranz writes simply and directly, he does not blind you with science and jargon. The aim of this book is to help you  generate blog posts. Not to  frustrate you by sending you to a dictionary to research every buzz word.

What Does the Book  Tell You?

The book begins by telling you exactly what you will get. A plan on how to creeate  detailed blog posts.  Kranz takes you away from the old idea of the three hundred word or less blog.  The false  promise of 'click bait' titles. With Kranz you should plan and organize a post. Yes do your research and Kranz tells you how. Then plan, have a start to your blog, set a road map for where you will take the reader then deliver your reader to the destination safely and have them satisfied by the result.

This takes a lot of planning and imagination on your part but the result is a blog post that exceeds the readers now depleted expectations. By delivering on a promise you will have created a reader who will come back for more.

Why Should I Have To Plan?

Yes, I know, planning is hard, planning is tiresome. While you are planning a post you are taking time from posting dozens of quick posts.. But what are those quick posts getting for you?

Quick posts may get lots of eyeballs viewing you but those views are often transient, look, bounce, click on to another page. Your readers, your customers are let down each time you post a quickie.  Don't give them a cheap fast food burger, give them a delicious, mouth watering, juicy, flavorful prime steak with all the trimmings. They'll be back for more.

What Can This Book Teach Me?

This book is full of advice. The first thing you may notice though is that Kranz barely talks about search engine optimization (SEO) Why? Because search engine optimization is a house of smoke and mirrors. Good SEO is planning, not quirky tricks like the old days of keyword stuffing.

Search engines are the good bloggers friend, the good blogger plans, creates, informs and writes good copy. If you construct a good post the SEO is already there. No need for gimmicks, SEO happens and that is one of the most importantthings that I have taken from this book.

So ...

How Can I get This  Book?

You can read Before You Write Another Blog Post on any amazon Kindle device or Kindle app on your tablet or smart phone.

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