Saturday, August 6, 2016

How Pinterest Has Increased My Earnings

In February 2016, I took another look at my Pinterest account. I have had a Pinterest account for  two or three years but I didn't really use it that much.

Cover of  Pinterest Power book, one of the books that I have read recently to increase my income from pinterest pins
Pinterest Power
I had considered Pinterest to merely be a website for collecting images and saving the occasional post or recipe. I had not thought that it had moved on a great deal from when I had first joined a couple of years ago.

But moved on it has. Now Pinterest is a massive search engine. It can drive lots of traffic to your blog or store.

For instance I created a board to drive traffic to my store, Bretsuki's, I used to receive between 15- 18 views from links per day from various blog posts, sidebar links etc.

After creating a board for specific categories in my store, such as birthday cards, t-shirts etc. My daily link clicks rose to 45 or more. Those are regular figures, somedays they are less or more but they consistantly exceed the earlier averages.

So Pinning to Pinterest boards helps increase traffic for my own store no problem.

The second way to earn I discovered is to look for specific categories on sites such as and By posting these links with the addition of tracking you can have other pinners re-pin or share your pin in interesting categories, then these get re-pinned and often include your tracking code. So you are effectively having dozens or hundreds of your pins on the Pinterest site.

If a pinner then buys those items in the case of or uses the link to go to and buys anything from the site, you are credited with an introduction, advertising payment.

From zazzle alone I have seen my earnings increase over 200% in just six months and a 60% increase on my advertising fee income.

Bear in mind these amounts are increasing all the time. With every new pin my tracking number can spread many times and the scope is only limited by the interest in a particular item.

I have created a collection of Pinterest books available from within my Search Engine Optimization Store. To see this collection of both kindle and printed books go to Pinterest at the SEO Store.

For a little investment in time I am now enjoying  a good increase in income and am learning more about Pinterest marketing everyday. Give some of these books a read, try some of their advice and you too could see your income stream begin to grow nicely.

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