Sunday, April 17, 2016

Waking Up Blue

So I woke up

No not blue as in sad, lonely and depressed. I mean blue as in the color.

Well the story behind this is a little long so here are the highlights.

Not long ago I had some pain in my left shoulder and neck so went to bed. My wife called the ambulance and gave me some baby aspirin. Within a few minutes I was being whisked away to hospital and after a long and sleepless night was admitted and tests showed I had had a heart attack.

I was taken down to the operating room for some procedures to look at my heart more closely and after clearing a few blood vessels was sent to recovery.

There I began to feel really awful, faint, coughing and nauseous. I was surrounded with lots of people doing their own thing as I passed out.  I think I remember lots of talking and stuff but my mind is pretty fuzzy over this matter. Then I remember telling someone I wanted to be sick.

To this I heard the reply,"You gave us a bit of a shock there. You were a pretty strong shade of blue for a while."

Well if you want to have a big heart attack I guess that being in a hospital recovery room is the place to be.

Upon release though I was told to radically change my lifestyle, and one of the major areas to change is my diet. So I have spent my time recently looking for healthier options in eating and this inspired me to add the Healthy Eats Cookbook Store to my range of book stores on

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Robert Arnold said...

William hope you are getting better, say hi to the family for me and i will talk to you soon.