Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Experience on Teespring

Recently I ran a campaign on

I am looking to raise funds to help me produce a television program on a local PBS channel. The program is called 'Blindside Fresno' and it aims to inform the people of central California about issues  of blindness, eye care and spotlight blind talent in the area.

Recently I decided to post a design on Teespring, the  on demand t-shirt printing service. 

The service allows you to set sales goals and profit margins for a range of items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts.

After you have added your design to a selection of items, you post the design then publicize it to drive traffic to your campaign. After a set time period, 1 to 3 weeks, your campaign ends and if your minimum order number is exceeded then shirts are printed and despatched to the purchaser. The campaign can then continue quietly in the background contributing cash to you or your organization.

For my campaign I set a three week time limit and to sell a minimum of three shirts. RThis was exceeded and so the shirts were shipped promptly.

The shirt arrived about one week after the campaign closed. Print quality is excellent and clean. The shirt is of excellent quality and a good fit for size.

William Elliott, producer of Blindside Fresno wears the "Hug Me' shirt that he designed for sale on
Me in my new Teespring shirt

The money raised from the sales of the shirts also arrived promptly within five business days of the ending of the campaign. Granted it was only a small amount due to the low minimum sales I asked and a low profit margin but it was in line with my estimates and I was very happy with the product and service in terms of getting the money quickly.

If you would be interested in continuing to fund 'Blindside Fresno" by purchasing one of these shirts they are still available from Teespring Hug Me Penguin shirt

I cannot guarantee that you will be hugged everytime you wear the shirt. But I will always appreciate your support.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Waking Up Blue

So I woke up

No not blue as in sad, lonely and depressed. I mean blue as in the color.

Well the story behind this is a little long so here are the highlights.

Not long ago I had some pain in my left shoulder and neck so went to bed. My wife called the ambulance and gave me some baby aspirin. Within a few minutes I was being whisked away to hospital and after a long and sleepless night was admitted and tests showed I had had a heart attack.

I was taken down to the operating room for some procedures to look at my heart more closely and after clearing a few blood vessels was sent to recovery.

There I began to feel really awful, faint, coughing and nauseous. I was surrounded with lots of people doing their own thing as I passed out.  I think I remember lots of talking and stuff but my mind is pretty fuzzy over this matter. Then I remember telling someone I wanted to be sick.

To this I heard the reply,"You gave us a bit of a shock there. You were a pretty strong shade of blue for a while."

Well if you want to have a big heart attack I guess that being in a hospital recovery room is the place to be.

Upon release though I was told to radically change my lifestyle, and one of the major areas to change is my diet. So I have spent my time recently looking for healthier options in eating and this inspired me to add the Healthy Eats Cookbook Store to my range of book stores on

Why not take a look at Healthy Eats Cookbooks today.

Monday, April 11, 2016

New Pinterest Board Additions

I love board games of all kinds. My favorite at the moment is a guessing game called "Headbands" Each player  wears a headband into which a card is slotted unseen by that player. He or she then has to ask questions such as "Am I a fictional character?" or "Am I alive?" The other players who can see the card say only "Yes" or "No" in answer to the question. When time runs out the player has to remember their own  answers t as they answer the next players questions.

That is not easy. The first player to win three tokens wins the game. Lots of fun and laughs for all.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Additions to My New Citizen Pinterest Board

Recently I have been working on a new series of "New Citizen" gifts,  greetings cards and apparel.

All of these items as well as several others from a wide  variety of zazzle designers are included on my new updated board.

Take a look at this new board by following the link below.

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