Sunday, December 6, 2015

Smaller Home

In the Summer I moved home. Well actually I moved to a new city.. With the move I also moved to a much smaller hiouse. Downsizing from 1600 square feet to just over 1100 square feet.

This meant losing lots of storage space and so I opted to buy some space saver bags.

As the Summers are quite warm here in California's central valley, over 100 degrees I didn't need my blankets. So into the storage bags they went. Now with  Winter coming it is time to break out the blankets for a few weeks.

I have found the storage bags to be of great value. They shrank my blankets nicely so I could store them in a closet, packed nicely between shelves. Taking up very little space. They have leaked a little air in over the months but this has not been too serious as their volume has not increased too much.

My favorite   Space Saver VacuumStorage Bags  they proved to be the most robust and reasonably priced as they came in a variety pack.

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