Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wow! A Whole Year


What can I say. I hadn't realized a whole year had gone by since I last posted!

It has been a busy year, that is all I can really say. I moved home across California. I tried to learn Braille, I did suceed in learning grade one Braille but my fingers were not sensitive enough to go beyond that. Still now I can read the sign telling me which bathroom I am about to walk into.

Then there is all my work on new designs for my zazzle stores and my second hand or used bookstore on has needed a very large supply of books this year.

On top of all that I have taken up TV production. I am working in a local public service TV channel planning a program to be aired next Spring that will look at issues in the blind community and aim to provide some education in the use of adaptive technology.

So lots going on.

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