Monday, November 23, 2015

Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

Recently I attended a workshop at a local television studio which aimed to help increase the numbers of viewers coming to peoples YouTube channels.

One of the most simple tips on offer, though often the most time consuming was to add closed caption subtitles to your videos.

I was unconvinced by the idea. After all it can take hours of work.

So I came home, found a video on my channel which had no dialog, but some great sound. It lasted just a few minutes and in two years had had a mere 48 views.

So as you can see not a particularly good view number. I ran the video through the closed caption program two days ago. In the interveening time the number of views  since adding descriptive closed captions of the sounds the number of views has risen to 76 views.

That is almost doubling the number of views in just forty-eight hours. This is just a basic video of a train passing through a railway station.

So now I see the value of Closed  Captioning I'll be working on closed captions a lot before I publish a video in the future.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wow! A Whole Year


What can I say. I hadn't realized a whole year had gone by since I last posted!

It has been a busy year, that is all I can really say. I moved home across California. I tried to learn Braille, I did suceed in learning grade one Braille but my fingers were not sensitive enough to go beyond that. Still now I can read the sign telling me which bathroom I am about to walk into.

Then there is all my work on new designs for my zazzle stores and my second hand or used bookstore on has needed a very large supply of books this year.

On top of all that I have taken up TV production. I am working in a local public service TV channel planning a program to be aired next Spring that will look at issues in the blind community and aim to provide some education in the use of adaptive technology.

So lots going on.