Sunday, September 28, 2014

Try, Try and Try Again

There is an old adage which anyone trying to earn a living online should remember.

"If at first you don't succeed. Try, try, and try again."

It is a truism. that I have found everytime. I come to a project. Create a plan, execute the plan and it fails, once, twice, three times or more. I walk away for a while to lick my wounds and look at where the plan was wrong and slowly. Ever so slowly at first things start to happen, then as momentum grows, the plan starts to bear fruit.

For instance, my zazzle store, Bretsuki's, began very slowly in 2009, I sold my first item in 2011 and though I started to sell more in 2012 and received my first full pay-out in April this year I amd well on the way to receiving another full payout in the next few months.


First I increased the number of ideas and designs available. More designs mean a greater chance that people will like what they see.

Then the more items I have sold, the more zazzle promotes those items in searches.

I also allow customers to customize most of my products too so allowing individualization rather than forcing customers to buy a fixed product, and many of my customers have customized colors or added printed messages to their purchases.

Then finally I share designs of other designers. A good amount of my income this year has been derived from advertising other peoples produccts which customers have gone on to buy.  That way I can gain an extra 15% commission.

So my original plan was to create my own store and promote it. It worked ok. Then I added more products, more variety in selling prices and profit per sale, things got a little better then I added a blog to showcase my products, another gain in sales, finally I showcase other peoples products too and away earnings grow.

What took me four years to reach earlier this year, has taken me six months to reach today.

I did not give up on the original idea. I tweaked it a little over and over. Now things are moving in their own direction. A growing positive income stream and very little effort on my part.

One of the Best Selling Items in My Zazzle Store this Summer

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