Monday, June 23, 2014

Preserve All the Old Links

A few months ago, I  wrote of how links from my HubPages website had fallen off dramatically and how the loss of the RSS feed from my hubs had not seriously affected viewing figures.

In recent days though I have seen yet another switch in viewing figures. Possibly due to changes both at Google and HubPages recently, HubPages has now made a dramatic reappearance on my link source for viewers on most of my blogs.

We are talking dramatic changes in figures here. From 0 to 20   or 30 viewers per day over the last seven days have been coming via old HubPages links.

In the recent past I was talking to a friend who also had a presence on HubPages, he had seen a fall off in views after the Panda changes and had deleted many of his hubs, feeling them to be useless in driving traffic.

I explained to him that I would just leave my hubs alone, mark time and see what happened. I felt my hubs were worthwhile and they were still viewed, just links to my hubs didn't seem to be actively tracked any longer.

Plus add to this some grudging state that having worked hard to create hubs I didn't want to delete them willy-nilly.

So here we both are a few weeks later and he was fuming on Saturday when I told him about this latest increase in traffic.

He having deleted his hubs now has no old mature links to his websites and blogs. I due to vanity and laziness, it takes work to delete stuff, have all my old and mature links feeding my blogs again.

So the moral of my tale is keep old mature links for as long as you can. You never know when they will reawake interest in your other work.

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