Monday, June 23, 2014

Preserve All the Old Links

A few months ago, I  wrote of how links from my HubPages website had fallen off dramatically and how the loss of the RSS feed from my hubs had not seriously affected viewing figures.

In recent days though I have seen yet another switch in viewing figures. Possibly due to changes both at Google and HubPages recently, HubPages has now made a dramatic reappearance on my link source for viewers on most of my blogs.

We are talking dramatic changes in figures here. From 0 to 20   or 30 viewers per day over the last seven days have been coming via old HubPages links.

In the recent past I was talking to a friend who also had a presence on HubPages, he had seen a fall off in views after the Panda changes and had deleted many of his hubs, feeling them to be useless in driving traffic.

I explained to him that I would just leave my hubs alone, mark time and see what happened. I felt my hubs were worthwhile and they were still viewed, just links to my hubs didn't seem to be actively tracked any longer.

Plus add to this some grudging state that having worked hard to create hubs I didn't want to delete them willy-nilly.

So here we both are a few weeks later and he was fuming on Saturday when I told him about this latest increase in traffic.

He having deleted his hubs now has no old mature links to his websites and blogs. I due to vanity and laziness, it takes work to delete stuff, have all my old and mature links feeding my blogs again.

So the moral of my tale is keep old mature links for as long as you can. You never know when they will reawake interest in your other work.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Best Books For Social Media Marketing and SEO June 2014

Over the years I have learned that there is a lot of information out there to allow you to build income from online businesses. There are a lot of books which will tell you nothing that you already don't know. There are a few books from which you will be able to build you knowledge, and will prove valuable resources.

Why did I Choose These Books?

  • Valuable Tips
  • Value for Money
  • Usable information.
  • Easy to read and understand.

Valuable Tips

The book has several ideas which can help you drive traffic to sales pages.

Value for Money.

The book may not be a cheap $0.99 book, it may even cost over $10.00 but I have used the information inside and found it of value and it has returned the purchase price to me. 

Usable Information

The book is as current as can be with information on using websites as they stand in June 2014 and do not talk about long passed versions of websites like Facebook or past Search Engine updates like Penguin. These books are as currant as they can be.

Easy to Read and Understand

The book is written well, has complete sentences and explains the reasons why the information works. This means these books can be read as a normal book from cover to cover or you can pick a topic and dip for the information you need.

Just 9 Books?

To be honest these are the best of the two dozen books or so that I have read and found useful, implemented their tips on my blogs, facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sites and seen real marked improvements.

It is a personal selection. You can buy, borrow the one you like the look of directly from my Amazon astore or your public library. But you should find something of use to increase your number of views and also possible increase in your income  when you use the information in any of these books.

Book List Best Social Media Marketing and SEO Books (June 2014)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Haunted Gettysburg Shirt

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Content Rules - Book Review

A few days ago I came across the book Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business
Cover for the book Content Rules: How to create killer blogs, podcasts
Content Rules Book Cover

I ordered the book and eagerly awaited its arrival.

This book is not your usual short skimpy volume that merely recites old knowledge that you and I have picked up over our time on the internet.

We could probably all write a short book about how to generate sales leads.

No, this book goes much further into the latest ideas on what type of blogs, podcasts and buyer seller relationship  you and I need to make a priority.

With in depth studies which define the old plug and sell methods, to the more relationship / knowledge based business models of today's markets. This book tells you why, one method will work at generating leads whereas the other method works at generating relationships and meaningful sales.

One of the keys to success is to define your audience. Know what your audience really want and provide the answer in a meaningful way.

The authors guide you through the use of their  methods by providing you with lots of examples as to how real world organizations have faced problems, sought solutions and used the solutions to build real sales and returns. There are also lots of examples as to what not to do in your attempts to build a business online using blogging and social media as core areas for expanding your visibility and building sales.

The authors also do not restrict themselves to the world  of blogs and article writing but also examine, video,  podcasting and also non web based methods of building a business model that works towards expanding your business.

Follow this link to read what others say about Content Rules.