Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to Make Cumberland Sausage.

One of the things which I missed most after leaving England in April 2006 was the food.

Cover of the book Homemade sausage; one of the many books available on Affiliate Link in caption

I know that you are probably thinking that English food is pretty poor fare, but we English do have some really good foods. One of the best is Cumberland Sausage, a long, course chopped meat sausage that has a distinct peppery taste.

This week-end my wife and her parents agreed that this would be a good time to make Cumberland Sausage for ourselves.

In the course of the day we had some great fun, making sausage, tasting sausage and telling sausage jokes.

My wife took lots of pictures and I have linked them all together with a recipe and method to help you create your own Cumberland Sausage from start to finish. Just click on the link to my main blog below and see how we faired.

William Elliott A Life with Blindness: Cumberland Sausage Recipe and Making:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Milestone for Bretsuki's Books

Our bookstore, Bretsuki's Books  has just passed a new milestone.

In the last nine months we have sourced, processed and shipped 1,000 books.

Add to that that this is just a part-time business for two people that is a lot of books and we are growing the business all the time.

We are even today preparing a new shipment of books to add to our ever expanding inventory.

Thanks to all those friends, family and customers who have supported Bretsuki's Books 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Zazzle 'Em: Travelling Gnome

As a small business I operate a zazzle store on, which pays a good residual income.

Here is an article I wrote on creating a new product line. In this case, mugs with a central character named Gnome.

Zazzle 'Em: Travelling Gnome: One of the great things about zazzle is that you can create stories and characters. My latest character is GnomeHe is a neighbor and frie...