Saturday, April 5, 2014

Out of the Loop

I have to confess that I have steered away from HubPages for a while now.

I grew a little tired of what seemed to be constant complaints about Google or the site not generating the revenue the people thought was promised to them.

As such I fell out of the loop regarding the site itself, but in the meantime I found my interest in working on items such as my blogs, online retail and such things have returned and I am actually flourishing away from the more closed environment of one particular website.

Becoming obsessive about working on one particular income source is stiffling to my  creativity, that is what I found, trying to chase readership on a site for one source of income is fine for some, but not for me.

I am a HubPages drop out. I rarely visit the site at all these days. I still subscribe to their newsletters and get post updates, but like when you have lost a love that once burned fiercely and has grown cold, so it is with me and HubPages.

I should probably think of a new name for this blog, or maybe archive it for posterity.