Friday, August 16, 2013

Long Term Effect of the Loss of HubPages RSS Capsules.At the end of 2012 HubPages announced the removal of the RSS capsules from all of its writers pages.

At the time I was a little concerned that such a ove would see a decline in my blog traffic. At that time most of my blog traffic was coming from HubPages and amounted to several hundred views per month over the three blogs that I fed to my HubPages posts.

Now we are about six months after the removal of the RSS feeds and a clear conclusion can be made.


Traffic began to rise for my blogs within a few weeks of the end of the RSS capsules. June then saw a quite steep decline in views across the board but in these last few days views are rising rapidly rising again. Views across the three major blogs are now running at two thousand per month and rising.

Whereas previously most of my views came from HubPages, today I can find only one or two views from that source per month, analytics show that most views are organic search  views coming from Google and Yahoo! 90% Google, My Life with Blindness blog has in some instances, depending on keyword search actually made it to number one spot on Google's search page. A fact that I am very proud of.

Such placement was never heard of for me before the end of the RSS feed capsules.

So what seemed to be a terrible disaster at first conception has, for me meant a great improvement in my blog readership.

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