Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Summer Quiet

Summer is a difficult time for online writers.

Not only do we suffer a seasonal bout of writer's block. It is also nice to get outside for a while and visit new and exciting places.

It is also the same with our readers. They are away from school or the office. Vacationing happily oblivious to our writings for two or three months of the year.

Having written for several years online I have seen this dip every summer. From the second week in May until the first week in September. It is a real phenomenon. Graph your recorded views for three or four years, more if you can and you will see it.

Humans can be very predictable in some things and the summer vacation from viewing our work online is one of those things that just happens.

But what about tablets and mobile views, you are probably asking. Yes you will still get those. But they too get set aside for a time. I don't know anyone who spends too much time surfing the internet on a tablet. Most of my friends just use a tablet or cell phone to get tips on places to eat when out and about. How do you and your friends use your tablets and cell phones?

All in all there are seasonal dips and this summer trough is as long as any.

The readers will come back though as sure as the swallow in the Spring.

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