Thursday, May 23, 2013

There is Something Magical About 10,000 Views

I have noticed over my time online, I have been around since the late 1990's. that there has been an almost constant divergence in results in search engines.

Get to the magical number, whether it be in a day or ten years and there is a definite boost in your viewing figures.

The magical number is ten thousand (10,000)  Below that magical figure every view is hard fought and views can be measured in dozens per month. Beyond that magical figure views come thick and fast measured in dozeens or hundreds per hour, if you are lucky minute.

Views are of course the all important reason why we produce content for the net. We either need viewers to introduce to advertisers through pay per click or affiliate programs (This blog is supported from and affiliate sales) or we have a pay per view plan in place like the Yahoo! Voices program or maybe you and I just love to be read. Then the view count feeds our need to be read widely. I will admit that the vanity side appeals to me more these days rather than the earnings in cold hard cash.

This blog now is moving into a new phase of its life, it is just a few hundred views short of the magical ten thousand views. It will get there in a few weeks. Then we'll see if the magic number theory holds out as much as it has with other sites that I have created  in the past.

Thanks for getting me to the next magic number.

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