Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Income Sites.

I have fingers in many pies. I write several blogs, have some online stores at places like Amazon, Zazzle, eBay and Etsy. I am even looking at another online store site Bonanza. Then my online writing sites come into play. Yahoo! Voices, HubPages, Squidoo and List My 5.

The top earners of all my sites are the online stores.

eBay is at the top, then Amazon and Etsy. Bear in mind I have had an Etsy store for only two weeks, so its a baby yet.

eBay of course is not really a residual income source as along with Etsy I have to find or make goods to sell and actively ship them.

Among writing sites my ranking is:

Yahoo! Voices is a far away leader its CPM model and purchase of my articles produces more cash than any other.  Follow this with List My 5, it has a CPC model but pays quite well there were only two months last year (2012)  April and July that I earned no money from my short lists. HubPages is a pretty poor third and Squidoo I have given up on that for any income.

Cash from blogs?

No I mainly use my blogs to direct people to my cash paying sites and don't use AdSense on my blogs at all.

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