Sunday, December 30, 2012

Make Plans for Your Writing in the New Year

Make plans for  your writing in the New Year?

You may be asking why you should make plans for your writing. You write for fun? Or do you write for income?

Either way you should be looking for which online publisher is serving you best. What methods of driving traffic to your work has worked in the last year and what has failed.

If you plan to examine your strategies every quarter and set goals for each quarter then you can adjust how you work and work smarter, not harder.

In your plan set limits on time. You need to work on writing but not all the time you have.  Set time for family and set time for marketing.

You need to have family time and creating a marketing plan will help you drive traffic to your pages, if those pages are monetized then that means more potential customers.

Breaking down the year into quarters is easy and you soon find yourself thinking in those little thirteen week blocks. Maybe even consider using the seasonal titles, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn ( Fall).

Set small goals for each quarter, write X amount of words/pages. Spend X hours on marketing. Spend a weekend away. Set research time.  Anything that sets a goal is ok. As many goals as you can possibly achieve. Not so many that you fail.

Having a quarterly plan and checking goals against actual results also helps you see seasonal changes. Do your readers go away over holidays? Do you see increases in traffic  during the Summer? This is knowledge that businesses need to be able to thrive and you should be aware of trends and potential wasting of your time.

So as a New Years resolution, set the goal of making a quarterly plan for your work in 2013..

May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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