Friday, December 7, 2012

Loss of the HubPages RSS Capsule

If you are like me and have more than one blog you may be looking at the loss of the HubPages RSS capsule with some nervousness.

The Capsule is set to be retired in the first week of February 2013.

My blogs generally get about 50% of their traffic from HubPages and the RSS feeds on various hubs account for a lot of that extra traffic.

Since I heard the news I have modified some of my links to try to help some traffic.

First I set my HubPages profile to show my largest blog as my website.

Secondly I began setting RSS links to my other blogs on my main blog.

This will enable visitors to my main blog to see the latest posts on several of my blogs thereby allowing the blogs to maintain visibility and hopefully traffic volumes.

I estimate a drop off in traffic anyway due to the loss of high traffic hub RSS feeds but hopefully the steps I have taken will mitigate any serious losses.

Time will tell. All the best for Christmas.

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