Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jump in Views over 10,000 views. An Internet Myth?

When I began writing online, just about four years ago now, not many people had seen large viewing figures.

At that time what seemed an internet myth began to grow.

"Get 10,000 views and you'll see your traffic rise dramatically."

Of course 10,000 views is easy to get. Well it took me two years to get 10,000 views on HubPages, less time on Yahoo and even less time on List my 5.

But there is truth in that old internet myth.

Having reached 10,000 views in July 2011 I reached 15,000 views on HubPages just five months later. Now I am well on the way to 21.000 views my goal was 20,000 views by the end of 2012.

This is in part due to luck, one of my hubs about making a cold drink called 'Shandy' was a big hit this last summer. All that thirst and a fifty or sixty view per day hub was not bad.

But all in all most of my hubs are generally evergreen. History or disabled issues, people look for links to disabilities like blindness for hints and tips on resources everyday.

So if you are a struggling writer looking at your viewwing figures creep slowly up towards 10,000 hold on. Relief is coming.

Pass that and my general experience from more than one site is once passed that magical figure, your traffic will jump and hopefully for you so will revenues.

All the best

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