Sunday, October 28, 2012

HubPages Going Downhill?

Is HubPages going downhill?

I have to say no. It has changed a lot over the last three years since I first joined.

Some changes have been for the better. The layout of the new designs of hub look far cleaner than the hubs of the old days. Some things are less good. I personally don't like the new profile page layout.

Change happens though and often the reaction of people is to claim that the old thing was better and the new will result in the death of the old readership.

My readership is holding pretty solid. I had a big spike in readership this year as a couple of my mature hubs went through the roof.

My How to make an English Shandy Cold Drink hub added 10,000 readers to my views in just a few weeks. Possibly thanks to a long hot summer.

Don't  write off HubPages just yet. Along with the report of another San Francisco resident Mark Twain, "News of it's demise is greatly exagerated."