Friday, September 21, 2012

Freshen Up Your Hubs

In recent months, I admit to not keeping up with regular hub releases or even blogging. The Web is very much guided by the latest content, like in showbiz you are only as good as your last show and if you drop out of sight because you do not post content or refresh your content by adding new material you drift lower and lower into the realms of obscurity.

Death if you are an online writer looking for views to generate income.

HubPages does offer us an answer to this problem. A Link to the RSS feed of any Blog out there.

A few days ago, bored with sitting around, I tweaked a couple of my Blogs back imto life. My hub views had fallen from over 155 per day to just 32 per day in recent weeks. Pretty poor you'll admit.

Most of my Blogs are linked by RSS Feeds to my various hubs, so for instance this is linked to my Hubs based on HubPages activities, another Blog on my favorite books is linked to Hubs of book reviews.

Well I posted some new Blog posts over the 19th and 20th  September and the feeds kicked in pretty quickly. Thus feeding new content to several hubs at once.

Today, 21st September the hub gviews on my statistics page are rising, A few minutes ago the views for the last 24 hours stood at 69 that is an approximate 120% increase in a few hours.

To the Search Engines the hubs have new content and so worthy of a look. Most of those new views may be search engine spiders but at least the hubs are being viewed and so will possibly climb in the search engine library rankings and appear on results pages.

Building a Blog and linking it back to your Hub by an RSS feed is a simple and effective way of updating several HubPages at one time without incurring a penalty of having duplicate content.

Try it just create a or account then consider putting your Blog into database for a wider audience.

Then watch your readership grow!