Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Promotional Hubs?

Is it just me finding them or are there a growing number of product promotional Hubs appearing?

This last week I have found hubs appearing that have been mere promotional tools for various products. By this I don't mean product reviews. I mean here is a link to this medication or this body product.

I am fearful that if HubPages is seen by marketers as a place to merely post product ads, then this will seriously affect HubPages reputation as a online arena for serious writing.

I would advocate that serious users of HubPages flag this sort of content and move to oust these marketers before they destroy our community.


J. Watson said...

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of personalised pens that have proved to be effective in advertising of company products.

William Elliott said...


I personally disagree.

I find this recent spate of promotional hubs irritating. They devalue the HubPages brand.

Those who write genuine product reviews risk having their work considered advertising.

Plus the products I saw promoted in this manner were vitamins and health foods. The layout was very slick and it was obviously advertising copy. The brand filled every possible point of reference. That it was advertising was so obvious even I could see that and I am legally blind.

Blatant advertising like that is off putting to me.