Friday, March 9, 2012

Thinking of a New Business Idea

I am looking at new forms of income at the moment.  While I am fully employed as a Graduate Student and working part-time, my part-time job is looking uncertain.

I work for a local government body and in California that is a dangerous place to be. With budget cuts and the like, being an at-will employee is never a secure option.

So, looking around what can I do?

  • It needs to allow me time to work on my MA degree.
  • It needs to be a low cost start-up
  • It needs to provide residual income
  • It needs to allow me to use present skills.
  • It needs to be something I can do as a blindman, no long distance trucking.

One of the most attractive possibilities is looking to publish e-books on the Kindle via

Yes, I know that will be putting more eggs in the basket. Something I have said is not a good idea.  This however could be a real option.

I can write part-time even now. I do so with my blogs.

I have equipment such as Dragon Naturally Speaking with which I can write faster than I type. I am up to about 1,000 words per hour these days.

As to what I would write I am not too sure just yet. 

But I have bought some books on the subject.

If you want to try publishing e-books through I would recommend this book:


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