Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Increase Your Hubscore: Keep Posting

So you have posted a few Hubs and your hubscore, that number on the bottom right of your  photo is rising and falling daily.

What do you need to do now?

The simple answer is to join in the community. Click on the Hubs tab, checkout the latest and best hubs there. Post comments to the hubs which add value to the hub. Put in real comments, not just "Good Hub" tell the author what you thought, any anecdotes which support or argue against a hub point of view. Yes it is ok to argue against a hubber, but make the argument honest and backed by facts, it is not a reason to FLAME a hubber.

Also go to answers, look for questions that interest you. Answer them, honestly. Show some humor if it warrants that. Hubbers see your comments and answers and they then may begin to follow you.

Writing to hybs or answers should be done for two to four hours per day.  That may seem a lot, it is if you then add several hours to produce a hub, but the best, most successful hubbers work at their success.  Time is money and if you want views and clicks, YOU need to work at your hubscore.

Don't worry about the daily ups and downs of your hubscore. Small moves do not mean too much. You need to stay above about seventy-five to gain additional traffioc from search engines.  You may in time reach one hundred, but to do so you must be active in all sectors of HubPages.

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