Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is a Widget? How Do I Add a Widget?

The Image above is my HubPages Widget. As you can see it contains my latest hub posts, also a drop down menu that allows you to see my hot hubs and my best liked hubs.   A widget like this placed on your blog can be used to backlink to your own hubs.

Adding a widget to your blog or webpage is quite simple.

1, Go to your HubPage Profile page.

2. Click on Add {Your Name} Widget to my Website.

3. HubPages will then provide you with the HTML code.

4. Highlight the code and copy onto your clipboard.

5Open the Layout page on Blogger or your web page.

6. Paste the HTML Code in an HTML/Java capsule on the sidebar if using Blogger or into the code which controls the area where you want to display your Link.

8. Save Settings and your Blog or Webpage should now display the Widget  for you.

9. Go and write your hubs. The Widget will update as you work.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Some Practical Advice to Help You Make the Best Use of Online Writing Sites

There are a lot of things which only experience can teach you.
One of those things is how to write online. But in order to save you some time, I posted a Hub to HubPages in order to point you in the right direction.
You may take the advice and use it as you wish. You can completely ignore any or all of it and maybe learn for yourself.
These though are some pointers to help you make the best of HubPages and hopefully make money in the process.
Two Years On: What I have Learned on HubPages

Saturday, February 4, 2012

View Numbers: What do they Really Tell You?

When you look for your latest hub on your statistics page. Do you immediately look for the daily viewing figure?

I would bet money that you do. Why? Because I do just that too.

We all like to have good viewing figures. Often you will see Hubbers post a milestone of so many thousand.  Which is good. 
But what exactly do the HubPages viewing statistics actually tell you?
Not much really.

The HubPages figure will only tell you the number of people who clicked on your link to a certain hub. They may then may or probably not actually read your hub. If they don't read your hub and you are concentrating on numbers it may look like a good hub but you will only be working on a false premise if you think that the hub arose interest and you then keep working on similar material.

I suggest linking your HubPages account to Google Analytics.


It's Free.

It tells you the most viewed hubs now almost in real time.

You can see at a glance how many of those views credited by HubPages are readers. You should not be disappointed if you see only 30% of views are people who remain on your hub or website for more than 1 second.

One second! Yes you will find most people will not give you even that. The control bar may hardly have loaded before they click away to someone else. That is just the way of the internet, I'm afraid.

Then have you noticed views before you have actually published a hub?

Those are "Spiders" web robots checking you out.  Their visits also count with HubPage views, but you can easily filter them out using Google Analytics.

Here are some good books of advice on using Google Analytics: