Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Should You Monetize?

Whether to monetize any blog or page is always a difficult question to answer.

It depends on what you want to do.

For instance if you see your page as a personal diary then there are possibly few reasons to monetize.

Plus you don't want to go crazy and post so many ads that your readers cannot find the content. I am sure you have come across those sites which blind you with ads. Acck a turn-off if ever there was one.

If you produce a site to share information, then there seems no harm in adding a few links to trusted advertisers.

Since the return of Amazon to California, I have re-opened my associate account and offer items from their catalog.

I would suggest keeping only two or three blocks of ads on a page.

ALWAYS make your content the major portion. Readers come for your content NOT the advertisements, unless they are the paying advertisers looking up where their ads are.

Use reputable sources for you ad providers, Google, Amazon and EBay for example.  They will not go out of business tomorrow and even if they set their limits high, Google payout at over $100 you will get paid, eventually.

Follow the rules, don't cheat on ads, don't click, use someone else to click on them, it is just not worth trying to push things. They will catch you and you will be blocked for life for cheating, and it can mean your family is blocked too. Google will apply the rule of guilty until proved innocent, and innocence is nigh on impossible to prove in Google's court.

So bear in mind what you want from your pages, keep advertising limited compared to content and follow the rules.

Monetization can be thrilling, watching you cash build and then receiving a check or PayPal payment is wonderful.

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