Sunday, January 29, 2012

Making Money with Affiliate Program

The capsules with HubPages are pretty poor sources of income. They do provide some clicks but not many and very few sales.

You can use the HubPages Capsules to show your readers what is available to them on but I would not claim to make a great deal of money from the links that the capsules provide.

To take advantage of's amazing sales power one needs to have a website or blog(s).

It is on your website or blog where you can, to use a motoring metaphor, open up the throttle and power on down the road.

Amazon has a good affilliate program. It is free to join and easy to maintain.  You receive a commission on any sales your advertisements provide customers for. 

Customers come to your site or blog, read your article and maybe click on an advertisement which takes them to an item on If they buy and the sale completes, the item is not cancelled before it ships you receive a commission.

Commission rates vary on types of sale, your commission level at the time (levels increase as you sell more beginning at about 0.4% ($4 per $100 of sales) Commission rates rise rapidly though.

Commission can be received in a check (minimum of $100, but has a check writing fee to be paid), you can also have a payment made by direct deposit to your bank account or deposit made to your account as credit for purchases, these have a payout level of just $10 and no fees are attached.

When you register with affilliates program you receive an account and you can add several sub accounts to this in order to maintain an idea which of your sub accounts is doing best I would suggest you create sub-accounts with names that tell you what they represent.

Amazon's method is to just add a series of numbers to your original account which soon becomes confusing when you want to know which account is producing revenue.

You can open up to 100 sub accounts uin the form of aStores on one main account.

Amazon give you lots of bells and whistles when it comes to links, from stand alone individual item advertisements to complex omakase ads. Omakase ads take information from a customers computer cookies and account to put individualized ads, aimed directly at them so you benefit greatly from this individual approach to advertising.

Making ads is easy. Amazon produce the ad to your desired product and specifications, you click to highlight the HTML already created with your link code and account details. You then click and paste this into an HTML gadget in Blogger or add the HTML Code to your post and you are ready for a customer to click through.

You can then use resources on your amazon affilliate account to see what ads are working best for you. You can track a particular sub-account, daily, weekly, monthly or by quarter year. You can also see how all your sub-accounts are doing with a full main account analysis. These allow you to see what type of ad is working best on your site or blog so you have optimal control at all times.

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