Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amazon Affilliate?

It has been about four months now since Amazon returned to California.

I am now pleased to report my first sale since I re-opened my account. Yes one sale in four months.

Why just one?

Well I did place some Amazon ads on my HubPages hubs again, and I have just begun adding them to my blogs. It was actually a blog Amazon ad which gained the sale.

At just 40  cents it is a start. I won't sneer at it. Sadly I cannot frame those exact four dimes, or a quarter, dime and nickel. But I wish that I could. Like the businessmen of old who kept their first dollar just to remind them where they started.

So my first tip to success with Amazon is have patience.

Again patience is the key with all things online. A year ago I was selling several items a day on Amazon, it was almost steady income, until the day the account was closed in retaliation at California law.  When the law went away Amazon came back but the customers didn't. Now Maybe :) Just maybe :)

Another tip when applying Amazon affiliate adverttising to your hubs or blogs is to try something out. Don't let your page become set in stone. If an ad doesn't work after a few months change the style, Amazon have lots of links and widgets available, learn to use as many as you can. See what they do. Some of the cloud ones do slow down load times quite a bit so beware if your analysis program tells you a lot of your readers are using old operating systems or are in low bandwidth regions. They may click away before your page loads on their screen.

Another famous tip is to use the area at the top right below your header to place your main ad. This is an old idea and has been around since the first banner ads, and D'ya know what? It has been around for that long because it works.  Bear that in mind next time your eyes wander over a webpage.

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