Saturday, October 22, 2011

HubPages On the Back Burner

For a few weeks now HubPages has gone to the back burner in my life.

At the beginning of September things got a little busy for me.

  • With possible changes at work, I was looking into other areas to move my employment future.
  • I was also looking into going to graduate school to take a Master of Arts in History.
  • I also had some health issues which were taking up lots of time and effort.
So for a while things got a bit hectic.

The employment issue worked its way through. I have found and plan to start my graduate studies in a few weeks and the health issues seem to be receeding.

So what has happened to my HubPages account, well basically being dormant does you as a writer no favors. It took about one week for my readership of hubs to fall from four digits to double digits per week. The world of the the online writer should have the Roman slave whispering in the ear of the vain, self impressed writer, "Readership is fleeting." much as they warned the heroic general of his glory in victorious battles.

My Hubscore has also slumped a little, though with less variation than when I posted articles. At it's height it was at 96, now I slowly fluctuate in the 84-87 area.

My evergreen posts remain the most viewd, blindness, history and money are always popular. My experimental writing fairs less well.

So for the budding writer, be aware once started you must be able to keep up some sort of output. My Yahoo! viewings continue to rise steadily, so look to adding variety to your publishers

Don't spread yourself too thin, but make work specific to various publishers. That way when life, as it tends to do, interferes, you can weather the threat of reduced income.

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