Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazon Is Back in California

A few days ago, e-mailed me to ask me to return as an affilliate.

They claimed that the California Online Sales Tax Act was repealed by Governor Gerry Brown.

It appears repealed is a little strong of a term. Other sources say the Act is merely suspended in lieuu of a possible Federal Sales Tax Bill.

If the Federal Sales Tax passes it will supercede the Califfornia tax and if the Federal Tax fails Amazon will peobably pay the California tax.

Given that the Federal Sales tax may be argued unconstitutional and fail it seems possible California Sales tax will be paid by Amazon in the future, but it may be several years or a decade or more before we actually find out.

Until then I will resume my affiliate status, but continue to consider any income from that as extra pocket money. Of course now I also have to pay additional business taxes for a licence to be a fully legal affilliate.

Oh Well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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