Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Years On: What I have Learned on HubPages

This weekend I celebrated my second anniversary of my first article (Hub) on HubPages.
I took the time to create a hub which describes my feelings and share my ideas of how both I and my writings have changed over that time.

This hub also talks about some of the tips and discoveries I have made over my time on HubPages.

There was actually a wonderful response from many of my readers. Thank you to all who have commented so far. This Hub has actually been my fastest viewed hub up until today, 98 people read it in the first twenty-four hours. That rate is twice as fast as my previous record for my Gettysburg Ghost Photograph.
I believe this single hub has also added 10% more followers to my following in the first twenty-four hours too. My following was 51, this time yesterday, 57 now.

People seem to love HubPages experience stories.

Read the full Hub for yourself here: Two Years On: What I have Learned on HubPages

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