Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why is Posting To Community Pages Important?

Many people when they join HubPages or Squidoo just concentrate on creating their own pages and ignore the community pages such as Forums and Questions and Answers.

While it is good to get a few hubs or lenses under ones belt. Many newcomers then rapidly complain of a lack of visitors to their pages. Then leave. All too many have ignored the Community pages provided by the major sites.

As with many things the community pages seem to be the poor ugly sister of the online publishing sites, but in reality when properly used the community pages are the Cinderella regions. Posting good quality content to these areas is as important as posting quality content to your hub or lens.

It is not for nothing that Community Postings are given prominent positions on the likes of HubPages. The site providers are giving you a small window to advertise your work. Use it well and use it often.

A good post to someones comment area or to a Forum or Q&A section can bring you lots of traffic. People read your postings in these areas and then click through your links to see if they like the rest of your work.

Using my Google Analytics account, I can see as much as 20% of my traffic has come from postings on other hubbers comment areas and from answers I have posted in the question and answer section.

Remember 20% that is a big chunk of traffic over the long term, and for possibly a lot less work.


  • Use Community Areas
  • Post Quality Answers.A quick "Good Post" does nothing to add to the posting, make a real comment, explain why you think it is good. In depth answers promote YOU
  • Your comments are important to both you and those commented on. Comments add up in your search engine visability.

Being active in the community areas is important for YOU. They are not provided to fill extra memory on the server. USE THEM!

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