Monday, August 29, 2011

What does "A" Mean on My Hub List? How To Create a Hub Summary

In recent days, you may have noticed a mysterious letter "A" appear on your account page after a hub title.

What does this "A" mean and How do I fix it?

The "A" tells you that your hub has no summary. Plain and simple.

How to Fix it.

  1. Click EDIT next to the Hub title.
  2. When the hub appears scan down the right side of the page, above the Tags area you will see an option for summary.
  3. Click Summary option.
  4. Write a brief summary of the hub, up to 160 characters including spaces is recommended.
  5. When completed click on done editing to save the changes.

HubPages say that this summary should appear when your hub  appears in the search engine window. Giving the reader a brief enticing summary should bring you more traffic.

You need to allow yourself time to create an enticing summary, create a hook to bring the reader to your hub, don't tell them the whole story or they have no need to come.

Tease but don't Relieve.

I now have 40+ hubs so I think it may take me a couple of weeks to complete all summaries. It is an important job, so don't rush it.

Your summary is an advertisement for your work. Don't sink your ship for poor workmanship on your summary.

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