Sunday, July 24, 2011

Limerick: This Five Line Verse

As a hobby I enjoy writing Limericks. The simple five line poem is not easy to write, but in writing for Yahoo Contributor Network it has provided me with some higher volume of traffic in my first few weeks.

Fast to write and publish it has allowed me to build a quick portfolio of twenty posts for viewers to see, My plan now is to work on producing less Limericks for YCN and add more solid content.

The Limericks are my pot boilers, they provide me with a little income, keep my name to the fore, allow some traffic to build from SEO and hopefully will allow my better more serious work to be recognized more quickly.

It's an old tactic, successfully used throughout his career by Steven Spielberg for one. He used to direct one or two family movies and then one movie with a message. E.T. The Extraterrestrial , Amistead. etc.

To Read My Hub on Limericks, their history and a few examples, follow this link Limerick: This Five Line Verse

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