Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creating Your HubPages Subdomain: A More Individual URL on HubPages.

Recently HubPages introduced a two click method to create a more personalized URL for your hubs.
In the past a URL might have been

Such URL's were found to penalize publishers after the Google PANDA update and so many hubbers found their traffic falling after the April Google update.

Now a hubber may go to their My Account page and click  Profile on the drop down menu. Then click on subdomain tab and you will be offered your own sub domain URL link.

My account is under the name Bretsuki so my URL's now read

When you click on your chosen subdomain the process takes a second and all your hubs and links are updated to take advantage of the new  URL.

This is hoped to increase traffic as now individual hubs will be seen as independent units, rather than a part of the whole HubPages network.


David said...

But the PageRank of the Hub is then lost. Any links that you have heading to the old Hub aren't redirected, are they?

William Elliott said...

Hello David,

I have not found my page rankings generally affected.

All my links to pages with updated URLs have continued to function normally and have had no broken link reports and no redirection report pages either.

Hope this helps.