Thursday, June 23, 2011

What are your Hubs for?

Many people when they first join sites such as HubPages do so because they see writing a few posts and getting GoogleAdSense to advertise as a route to easy money.

Who can blame them? Over the past few years I have seen articles in the press that make it sound that easy, come up with a post, place ads, wait for the check.

The reality is of course very different for most, it is work. They have to work at things, hubs are one part of the process, you write them and they take their place in cyberspace. But away from the hub writing if you are in it for money you need to work on the social aspects, support fellow hub writers, work on side businesses, such as being an Amazon Associate, or writing a blog, maybe creating an online store.

The hub is a central feature of your online presence.

You can of course just write a hub or many hubs for pleasure. That is a wonderful thing to do. I do that myself for the most part. I write when I get a inspired thought or an event triggers the idea for a hub. You will earn income from that method, and it may be a significant income if people like your hubs on a continuing basis. But most of the time these will earn very little.

You get a pleasant feeling when you see your readership grow. But you need to have a realistic view that this is not going to be more than a paying hobby.

On the other side if you want to earn real income, you need to set yourself up for a long ride. You need to see HubPages as a job. You need to discipline yourself to plan and build your business.

To succeed you need to see it as a business. Set yourself goals.

  • Set the number of Hubs you will write per week or month.
  • Set a goal to increase readership.
  • Build on other resources to drive traffic. (Create a Blog, Make Comments on others Hubs.
  • Work at being a member of the community.
Notice non of these goals mention income!

Income for the beginner is an intangible asset. You can increase your income 700% if your first click pays 2 cents and your second click pays 14cents.

You should not measure yourself against such unpredictable factors.

Make your initial goals at least for the first year, ones that you can achieve and are in control of.

You can write one hub a week or seven, you are in control.

You can learn what your readers enjoy and write for your market. Increasing your readership by controlling your output.

You can work on non HubPages ideas, such as this. Write a Blog and share it with the world. It's link increases your SEO and it is another outlet for your creativity.

You are a social being, support others in the HubPages community, offer advice, join the chat, do whatever but don't spam your community. Being involved gets you noticed and brings you followers.

To succeed with sites like HubPages you need to decide what you want it to be. If it is an income creator, you need to make it a job. If you want a hobby don't be upset if it earns you very little.

Both though require you enjoy the experience. That way you will keep going back and doing more.

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