Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the? Amazon Threatens to Sack ALL California Affilliates

I, like thousands of other Amazon Affilliates based in California today received an e-mail saying that if Governor Jerry Brown signed the new internet sales tax bill into law, they ( would terminate our accounts.

Jerry Brown did sign the law later this afternoon and so affilliates are now in no-man's land. Do we continue to post Amazon ads on our hubs, lenses, blogs or do we say good riddens to Amazon?

I for one have earned very little from Amazon in the couple of years that I have been an affilliate. That is not Amazons fault, but I did still post links and we can never know how many sales are created by just seeing repeated good reports on Amazon products, then people just log on through their own accounts and buy without using an affilliate.

It seems to me that Amazon has shot itself in the foot. For a company which prides itself in doing things right, for me it has got things badly wrong. Now as a customer, I am angry to be treated badly as an affilliate. The company is punishing me for the actions of a politician. In the event it does not close my account, it has shown it does not truly respect me as an individual or my fellow California affilliates as a group.

This was a slap in the face which we did not deserve. So Amazon why should we come back or even stay loyal when your loyalty has been so lacking?

The article below is from the San Francisco Chronicle and reports this afternoons events.

Amazon Affilliates Take Hit for the State

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