Sunday, June 5, 2011

Using Keywords

The use of keywords is an inexact science when publishing hubs or lists. Some people think to flood their posts with dozens of keywords, in every posibble combination they can think of. This tactic is ok in terms of bringing in traffic, but it leaves the reader lost. bewildered and frustrated as they search through a long list of keyword rich material or just bounce straight back off your page.

One can equate such use of keywords as like a hunter using a shotgun, he or she might hit everything in front of the gun, but do you want to kill the tree, rabbit, squirrel, and the prey all at the same time?

Better use one precisely defined keyword or term in a few well selected ways. You then write strong content around the keyword and produce a much tighter controlled article, which the search engines like and also a reader might like. They might even click on your advertisements too, or seek out your other articles.

This approach is more like the sniper with a rifle. One shot and one target. Getting the right keyword will bring your reader to you, by the search engine, the reader finds what they want and you have done a perfect job. They might even click on an ad to reward you.

Writing online should be just as much about providing the reader with what they want. OK you want earnings so place advertising on your site but if you do not provide the reader with anything more than meaningless words with no real information or entertainment, Why should you be expecting a reader to stay, read and look at your work, let alone click on your ads which you spent hours researching keywords for.

Remember keep the use of keywords down to a minimum. I have deliberately loaded this post with a particular keyword just to give an example. See if you can be your own search engine on this article, read it as English prose then consider it as text for a search engine looking for keywords.

Anyone care to tell me what the keyword for this article was?

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