Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Think like a hunter

When posting any article online it is essential to plan if you are to get the results of bringing in traffic to click your advertisements.

You need to plan the project of posting like a hunting trip. What hunter would go out with a slingshot to hunt a bear or take a fishing rod to shoot deer?

Just writing an article off the top of your head will work, someone will read it even if that is only a friend, parent or spouse. They might praise you then massage your ego for a while then move on.

As a publisher of written work, you have two kinds of prey, the advertiser and the advertisers customer. The advertiser will be there if you only post a few words on your web page. They will appear because you call them with your keywords. They will hop around happily and safely, not spending one penny on your precious site because you have not attracted the readers who will click on their ads.
To bring in customers you can use the advertisers tool, Google AdWords. AdWords will tell you what both advertisers are buying in terms of keywords, it also tells you what customers are looking for in terms of keywords, because those keywords are the ones advertisers are buying.

Search keywords on AdWords and you will also see additional keyword choices for your topic keyword, these choices also show what people are searching for.

In terms of hunting, AdWords is like a map to the hunting ground. You see exactly where your prey, advertiser and customer are, you get to pick your weapon; the topic; the ammunition; the keywords or key phrases; and you make your way off to your computer to write your article armed and ready to bag both of them.

Again a little planning will help, research keywords and key phrases. Study the behavior of both the advertiser and the customer, research is rarely wasted, like the hunter studies their favorite prey, you will soon become able to adjust your ideas in order to obtain the results you desire.

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