Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking Around the Market Place

Last week, I was looking around and found a site which has quite a good reputation for publishing items. It is called Squidoo.

I signed up Monday using Facebook rather than inputting my data myself. The problem with that was my Facebook accountfor some reason keeps resetting my default e-mail address to an old and out of date account.

This is annoying in this case because I cannot get access to that e-mail anymore and so did not receive an e-mail verification code.

I can write posts, lenses as they are called on Squidoo, but I cannot post anything yet.

I did write to inform them of the problem Monday and Friday, their first reply, received Wednesday, only addressed changing the default e-mail in their system, since the staff is small at Squidoo I waited till Friday, just in case someone else would answer the verification part, no-one did. So I wrote again to request a new verification notice be sent but despaired of hearing before next week.

I have however been writing a couple of lenses there and edited a little. I do not want to do too much just in case I have to close the account and go back to the beginning.

There model is interesting you receive fifty percent of their advertising revenue from several companies such as Google and Amazon. The interesting theory is that you should come out about equal with them compared to HubPages or your own website. They are able to push the big advertisers for better terms, so with Amazon they get 8% so you still earn 4% on your Amazon ads. You can also advertise with Zazzle and Cafepress merchandize from your own store or elsewhere and receive commissions on sales. You may also choose to take all of the cash you generate for yourself or you may asign 50% to Squidoo's own choice of charity or you may choose from a list of charities to share your income for all or some of your lenses. There is a wide variety of charities you can benefit. Giving from a few cents to 100% of your income.

As I mention this is all on hold at the moent as I wait on my e-mail address to be verified before I post a lens.

Additional Comment: At About the same time this Blog was Published Squidoo, manually verified my e-mail account. I am now able to post and Thank Squidoo's staff for dealing with the matter in a professional and curtieous manner.

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