Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hubpages says Goodbye to Kontera

This month, June 2011, Hubpages will cease to allow Kontera contextual ads on its site.

There has been some discussion over recent weeks regarding Hubpages own introduction of an advertisement payment system. I believe the Hubpages system is a CPM model, so revenue is paid for display of advertisements, usually just a few cents per thousand views. Many Hubbers have complained at a loss of revenue, though the Hubpages advertising program is voluntary and Hubbers can return to just using Google Adsense if they wish.

It is well known that Google has downgraded sites with contextual advertisements over the past few years. One might ask if that is just out of a spirit of fairness for the consumer who might be duped into clicking a contextual ad in a blog or post or if it is just a means of pushing their own advertising revenue up with their own advertising program AdSense? Anyone care to comment?

With the removal of Kontera advertisements from Hubpages it will be interesting to see if Hubpages as a whole and individual Hubbers will see an increase in their Google search positions and if they will in turn see an increase in their AdSense and maybe Hubpages income.

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