Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Surprise Reaction

In my time writing on Hubpages I have been surprised by the popularity of one particular post.
Living With Disability: My Life With Blindness, was posted a couple of months ago. It was about the time I decided to return to seriously writing hubs after the end of my degree courses left me at a loose end.

In the weeks since it was published it has far outstripped all of my other hubs in terms of views. In fact it now alone contributes 10% of my total viewing figures. The major surprise for me is that this hub was written in a couple of hours, little research was required because it was a response to personal circumstances. This was a very personal post, most other hubs I distanced myself from the topic at hand to some degree My Life With Blindness is about how I see the world. I describe how my vision has deteriorated to leave me in a permanent white fog.

To me the response shows it is not necessarily picking subjects that generate search engine traffic, most views come from other sources, facebook, twitter and non search engine referrals.

Personally, it is also not im my opinion the best of my work, I am much happier with other posts which I researched and put a lot of effort into, outside posting on hubpages, my History Files Series for example. But still the viewers come. Showing that sometime breaking the rules of search engine optimization, looking for high revenue posts is not always the most satisfying and rewarding part of online writing, but opening ourselves to our audience and taking risks and sharing a brief glimpse into ones life can reward us as writers even more.

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