Friday, May 20, 2011

Online Cash for Students

If you are a college student looking for some extra income. Online publishers like Hubpages and List My 5 are a potential source of income.

They will also provide income in the long term too. Long after your student days they will continue to bring residual income. All you need to do is to open accounts with Hubpages and / or List My 5, then open an AdSense account and write a few hubs and lists.

Ok you need to keep writing too, not just hope that your one hub or one list will bring in good income, it won't.

So you may say I don't know anything! What can I write about? The answer is most things. Keep in mind they must be legal and keep some things private, you don't need to publicize a Spring Break escapade , then in a few years have a potential employer Google you and find it.

REMEMBER: Anything put onto the web is there FOREVER, even if you think it is deleted it is still out there somewhere.

I would stick to evergreen subjects that will continue to be searched for a while. Coping with school and homesickness etc. If you want to make lists select topics like the best things to do, best sportsmen or women of all time, the lists are endless.

Bear in mind revenue will be slow, don't try to get friends to click ads by the way, that gets you banned from AdSense and there is no way back. Google has all the power and if you lose Googles goodwill they are not going to make it possible for you to earn AdSense income again, and you even risk your friends losing potential income too if they want to write online.

Where to write?

If you like lists, have lots of ideas, then List My 5 is quick. After planning I can get a list together on the site in about twenty minutes. So a list a day could be possible. You need About thirty lists to earn some income returns. But sticking to evergreen subjects will payoff, in a year you could potentially have 365 lists and at the end of a four year College you would have 2905, if you write one per day and include the leap year.

Writing Hubs takes a little more time, I am not a typist and take about two hours per Hub, but they offer more information and also a wider range of advertising revenues. But even at one per week after a College career you would have 208 if you wrote one per week.

The income can also be increased using Blogger to market your hubs and lists.
You may not see a great deal of income as you write through college, but bear in mind the residual income will be there to help you pay off student loans and boost income forever.

Consider it like that boring thing Retirement planning the earlier you start the larger your income will be, plus if you do begin early you will have a portfolio of thousands of income sources throughout your life.

Any Questions or ideas?

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