Monday, May 30, 2011

Traveling Around London

Traveling Around London

With Memorial Day here in the US thoughts turn to summer and vacations.

A great place to visitt is London. For many people the vast array of transport options while staying there is overwhelming, my hub friend Lindestar has written a wonderful introduction to travelling around London. It is useful for any visitor to England's capital city. She also has produced some hubs as guides to British food and tips for a first day inLondon.

Anyone interested in visiting London would be well advised to take a look.

Monday, May 23, 2011

List My 5

This month has been very quiet for me on List My 5. With lots of work elsewhere, I had a hard time finding time to post there.

This is a link to my recent posts at the site though.

Making Money on Hubpages With Google AdSense: The Unanswerable Question

One of my latest Hubs covers the use of AdSense in providing income. AdSense is possibly the most common provider of income for publishers online. But because it is so common people misunderstand its proper use.

Many think that just having Google AdSense will bring in the revenue or cash stream. Finding out about Google AdSense and how it works is a key to earning real money online.

Writing focused and original content is vital for your own success.

Making Money on Hubpages With Google AdSense: The Unanswerable Question

Friday, May 20, 2011

Online Cash for Students

If you are a college student looking for some extra income. Online publishers like Hubpages and List My 5 are a potential source of income.

They will also provide income in the long term too. Long after your student days they will continue to bring residual income. All you need to do is to open accounts with Hubpages and / or List My 5, then open an AdSense account and write a few hubs and lists.

Ok you need to keep writing too, not just hope that your one hub or one list will bring in good income, it won't.

So you may say I don't know anything! What can I write about? The answer is most things. Keep in mind they must be legal and keep some things private, you don't need to publicize a Spring Break escapade , then in a few years have a potential employer Google you and find it.

REMEMBER: Anything put onto the web is there FOREVER, even if you think it is deleted it is still out there somewhere.

I would stick to evergreen subjects that will continue to be searched for a while. Coping with school and homesickness etc. If you want to make lists select topics like the best things to do, best sportsmen or women of all time, the lists are endless.

Bear in mind revenue will be slow, don't try to get friends to click ads by the way, that gets you banned from AdSense and there is no way back. Google has all the power and if you lose Googles goodwill they are not going to make it possible for you to earn AdSense income again, and you even risk your friends losing potential income too if they want to write online.

Where to write?

If you like lists, have lots of ideas, then List My 5 is quick. After planning I can get a list together on the site in about twenty minutes. So a list a day could be possible. You need About thirty lists to earn some income returns. But sticking to evergreen subjects will payoff, in a year you could potentially have 365 lists and at the end of a four year College you would have 2905, if you write one per day and include the leap year.

Writing Hubs takes a little more time, I am not a typist and take about two hours per Hub, but they offer more information and also a wider range of advertising revenues. But even at one per week after a College career you would have 208 if you wrote one per week.

The income can also be increased using Blogger to market your hubs and lists.
You may not see a great deal of income as you write through college, but bear in mind the residual income will be there to help you pay off student loans and boost income forever.

Consider it like that boring thing Retirement planning the earlier you start the larger your income will be, plus if you do begin early you will have a portfolio of thousands of income sources throughout your life.

Any Questions or ideas?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Histrory files: Operation Mincemeat

Early in World War Two a young British Royal Navy Officer in the Naval Intelligence Department, wrote a memo to his commanding officer outlining a plan using a dead body to carry documents to the Germans in order to deceive them. The commanding officer dismissed the plan as ridiculous and sent it to be filed away. The young naval officer returned to his desk and dreamed of other plots. His name was Ian Flemming and little did he know his plot would be used in a deception which would rival the plot of his later creation, James Bond, agent 007.

Flemming's memo was uncovered months later by Lieutenant Commander Ewan Montague, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve and Flight Lieutenant Chalmondley of Royal Air Force Intelligence.

Together Montague and Chalmondley created the fictional Royal Marines Major William Martin. Martin's one and only mission was to carry secret plans to the German Military Intelligence to Brief Adolf Hitler as to the plans by the British and Americans to invade Greece and the Balkans in 1943.

The Histrory files: Operation Mincemeat

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hot Topic

One of today's hottest topics on Hubpages was regarding the amount of income one can expect. One of my favorite hubbers, Sharyn's Slant, posted a good hub on her recent experience.Many new hubbers come to the site with high hopes of creating a good income.

They are often surprised and disheartened that sometimes two or three months work does not bring the reward they had hoped. Working through the slump between initial enthusiasm and the final reward can be tough. It would be nice if one could see instant high income of a thousad dollars per month at the beginning of ones writing career, but the common experience is to see sometimes two or three years as the real timeline for such income. By then sadly many good writers drop by the wayside and miss on a portfolio building opportunity.

In online publishing quality counts very much towards income,If you write well the readers come back over and over again.

Quantity is also a big play. Imagine the scenario you need one hundred dollars to get home, do you go to people and ask everyone for one hundred dollars? How successful do you think you would be? Maybe you might hit it rich but probably not. Now imagine asking for a dime towards your fare? Maybe some would refuse but someone might give you a dollar, someone a quarter. OK it takes longer and is more effort but you stand a better chance of making your goal. This is how AdSense revenue works, you produce work which asks for dimes and the occasional dollar.

The additional benefit to writing online is that each post or hub becomes an independent clone for you. It asks for a dime along with the ten or twenty, hundred or thousand other hubs, twenty-four hours per day every day of the rest of your life. Now that is why patience is a virtue when writing online. :)

Sharyn's Hub can be seen at:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Surprise Reaction

In my time writing on Hubpages I have been surprised by the popularity of one particular post.
Living With Disability: My Life With Blindness, was posted a couple of months ago. It was about the time I decided to return to seriously writing hubs after the end of my degree courses left me at a loose end.

In the weeks since it was published it has far outstripped all of my other hubs in terms of views. In fact it now alone contributes 10% of my total viewing figures. The major surprise for me is that this hub was written in a couple of hours, little research was required because it was a response to personal circumstances. This was a very personal post, most other hubs I distanced myself from the topic at hand to some degree My Life With Blindness is about how I see the world. I describe how my vision has deteriorated to leave me in a permanent white fog.

To me the response shows it is not necessarily picking subjects that generate search engine traffic, most views come from other sources, facebook, twitter and non search engine referrals.

Personally, it is also not im my opinion the best of my work, I am much happier with other posts which I researched and put a lot of effort into, outside posting on hubpages, my History Files Series for example. But still the viewers come. Showing that sometime breaking the rules of search engine optimization, looking for high revenue posts is not always the most satisfying and rewarding part of online writing, but opening ourselves to our audience and taking risks and sharing a brief glimpse into ones life can reward us as writers even more.

To read the Article My Life With Blindness click here:

Monday, May 9, 2011

If You Already Post on Hubpages

If you already post on Hubpages, feel free to post a link to your Hubs on this Blog. You should also use your own publication tracker code.

Why Should I Advertise Here?

One simple reason you should advertise your hub here is to give your hub an outside source for new visitors. Creating a new source outside Hubpages will help increase your Search Engine visibility and so increase your traffic to your site.
More viewers might increase your own revenue stream.

Why post my own tracker code here?

Posting your individual tracker code will mean if your Hub is selected by a reader to go to Hubpages and they decide to register, you will be credited with their introduction and may receive income from their posts and income stream later.
You can only win if you use this facility.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Talk the Talk

Sometimes we're asked to do something way outside our comfort zone.
For me that was to give a public speech on how to succeed as a disabled student and how to best utilize the services available to students in College.

I know I can write on the subject, so did the people who invited me to speak; but when the time came could I Talk the Talk